History of the League / Beginner’s guide to swimming

Every beginning is difficult but with the support of your instructor, swimming will be a piece of cake for you very shortly. The techniques of teaching this valuable sport have been improved a lot so that you can learn how to swim in a personalized way. Every beginner should however start with almost the same things but later, depending on your performance, you can change the training.

Explore the world of swimming

If you’ve never swum before, you should first warm your body out of the pool and slowly get used to the water. These things should always occur before actually swimming. Thereafter, your instructor will help you get used to the feeling of floating, maybe by keeping your breath for one minute when you can float and maybe move a little. It often happens to see the beginners competing on breath holding under the water because in this way they get familiar with the pool and usually they just feel the need to move after a time of floating.

After realizing that you are able to maintain your horizontal position in the water and that you do not fear drowning anymore as you know that you can float, your instructor will probably start to equip you some water noodles. With these ones you can practice the moves of swimming but not your breath coordination which will be learnt later, after you master the basic moves of legs and arms. Of course, at a later stage, when you can coordinate your breath with your moves, it will be easy to swim without water noodles.

We’re all different so we need different ways of learning how to swim. But in the end the results should be the same, to be able to execute those nice movements while breathing in a constant rhythm. Each beginner should start working with a personal instructor that can adapt the training to their evolution.